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About Our Institute

ELP-Education learning Program –ELP education System is a Professional Organization registered with Government of Pakistan under Security Exchange Commission. In addition to its accreditation with various top ranked organizations, colleges/universities.

ELP Provide Different courses on the basis of skill and Competence also provide Regular Classes in English language, Computer Courses, safety Courses other courses will be provided on distance learning on fast Track, online, competency based on job professionals we Provide Video Based Learning Program in which we provide Complete video training Student Can easily learn and we provide open book exam for examination purposes.

ELP also Provide Scholarships to Needy student .ELP enhance the ability of students to Get Good Job in different sector of Pakistan.

Our mission

ELP – Education learning program is complete program for all kind of students who want increase their skill to enhance him in professional field we will provide complete program in education field our mission to provide quality education to all type of student.

The people who are literate or illiterate and have skilled but they do not have certificate due to this they are at a loss in development of society they do not have their skills identification. They cannot be able to prove their selves if they get a chance to have brilliant vacancy or handsome salary in a city or abroad. Our organization provides them certificate on behalf of their ability, so that they could prove their selves and walk along with prosperous society.

ELP is working to educate the youth of Pakistan especially KPK and FATA by its own and for this purpose to Get Job at Pakistan and other countries easily. The “ELP” also along with giving technical, professional, vocational, paramedical, education is providing them with the opportunities and resources. Moreover, the most talented and genius students are encouraged by giving them scholarships. They are also given with various certificates besides so that they can find opportunities of a respectable job.

The acronym “ELP” stands for resurgence and intuition for strategic excellence. This is the mission we have set before us to revive an insight among the students so that they may procure thought-out luminosity and be above the rest.

Mission of ELP-Education Learning Program

  • The all-around development of the students for the benefit of society.
  • To focus on the character building of its young students so that they could be useful citizens of the state.
  • To promote the qualities of head and heart through curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • To guide its youth to grow as robust men with a God fearing youthful spirit. To create a sense of love, sympathy and tolerance towards fellow students whether junior or senior.

Our vision

Our vision is to educate leaders, through learner-based teaching, which play pivotal role in growth, development and prosperity. With the quality education and disciplined strategies, it is our main motto to attain loftiness in the field of education which has always been the medians and norms of our group.
Our values are Professionalism, Leadership, Objectivity, and Dedication & Integrity

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Why Choose Our Institution

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Scholarship Facility

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Skilled Lecturers

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Book Library & Store

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Our Skilled Instructors